Shitty First Drafts

I’m pretty sure we all go through this. It’s a quick read, and it would be awesome if you guys would stop by and give Joanna some support.

Joanna's Story

My first drafts are complete crap, and that’s okay. It’s why there’s second and third drafts, to clean up the mess and tidy up the place. Whenever starting a new story, I always think it’s going to be great but the first draft is terrible. Rarely, will I write from beginning to end, in one swift motion. I’ll write scenes that need to be in the story but they end up all over and not in sync. The ideas are there but the flow isn’t. This is what my first drafts are.

Every writer is different and has their own way of doing things. I’m a Gemini and usually have a million ideas going on at once. What works for me is just getting the main idea down, even if it’s just some dialogue, I’ll toss it in there. It can always be rearranged later when I edit.

I’m sure…

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